Pudding clubs

Let’s get together and share some good food and good company

Loneliness is impacting more and more people in our local communities. And with loneliness and social isolation leading to impact on mental health, nutrition and wellness getting people together to share positive experiences is more important than ever.

Through our quarterly pudding clubs we’ll be working with local groups to provide opportunities for people to come together, enjoy good food and create positive experiences.

How COVID-19 has impacted our pudding clubs:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic our planned pudding club for spring has unfortunately, but understandably, not been able to go ahead. Instead we have made a donation to Plymouth Food Bank and have also provided the food bags to cover one night of the Plymouth Soup Run to benefit people in need of food support during this difficult time.

Please check back again soon for details of future pudding clubs once we’re able to get them up and running again.

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