Mince Pie brownies

If you have these once you’ll never look at another festive chocolate treat the same way again. Goodbye dry old Yule log, say hello to Mince Pie brownies! For this recipe you’ll need: (makes 10 good size brownies or 12 smaller ones) Foil A rectangular deep baking tray/metal roasting dish approx 10in long  Large saucepanContinue reading “Mince Pie brownies”

Ghoulish melting heart cupcakes

Halloween is almost here so it’s time for a spooky bake to get your treats looking as spooky as your costumes. These ghoulish melting heart cupcakes are easy to make and deliciously scary and effective. For the cakes you’ll need: A cupcake tray with 12 holes 12 cupcake cases 200g margarine/unsalted butter 200g Self RaisingContinue reading “Ghoulish melting heart cupcakes”

Rainbows and sprinkles – how to get a rainbow stripe on the side of your cake

One of my favourite things about cakes by commission is that every single one is different. For this bright and cheerful Trolls birthday cake, rainbow icing was the only way forward! Decorating your cake with a rainbow may seem daunting, but it’s surprisingly easy, with just a few steps. To decorate an 8 inch cakeContinue reading “Rainbows and sprinkles – how to get a rainbow stripe on the side of your cake”

Jungle cupcakes

Want to know how to make a showstopper for your next birthday party? Young or old these jungle cupcakes add a roar-some addition to any party table. All you’ll need is some cupcakes, of whatever flavour you fancy and the following pieces of equipment: Grey ready roll fondant icingGreen ready roll fondant icing (of 2Continue reading “Jungle cupcakes”

Store cupboard quarantine cookies

As we get used to the current new normal whilst we try to protect those around us from Coronavirus we’ve got plenty of time to stay at home and bake! These store cupboard quarantine cookies are the perfect bake to cheer you up with something sweet. They’re super easy and the flavour can be adaptedContinue reading “Store cupboard quarantine cookies”